Sana'a.. Iran's arm conducts secret trials of army officers loyal to it

English - الاثنين 30 يناير 2023 الساعة 04:51 م
Sana'a, NewsYemen, exclusive:

Sources in Sanaa, which is under the control of the terrorist Houthi militia, the Iranian arm in Yemen, revealed secret trials the latter is conducting for army officers loyal to it, as part of a plan to hide any evidence or witnesses of its armed coup against the state in September 2014.

The sources told (Newsyemen) that these trials are being conducted in secret, even without the knowledge of the officers who belong to the military establishment and helped Iran's arm invade Sana'a and the Yemeni governorates within the framework of Iran's project to overthrow the fourth Arab capital.  Pointing out that charges have been brought against these officers, all of which lead to the death penalty.

The sources did not specify the number of officers and the description of the officers who are being tried, but confirmed that the largest number of them do not know that they are being tried, and others are still stationed in the military militia sites on the outskirts of the confrontations with the government forces.

It is believed that the militias also aim through these trials to replace leaders loyal to them, in conjunction with international movements that are pressing for the resumption of peace negotiations in order to end the war.

The American Center for Justice had revealed that the Houthi militia had dismissed about thirteen thousand employees of the Ministry of Interior and Security to forced retirement, and replaced them with others loyal to them.

The American Center for Justice said that the militia continues the process of sorting and filtering on the basis of sect, region and loyalty, and loyalty to the Houthi group is tested;  Through what is known as the cultural courses, which are camps to provide lectures and doctrinal intellectual lessons.