Residence fees and scholarships... two pillars confirming the inaction and failure of the Yemeni embassy in Egypt

English - الاثنين 30 يناير 2023 الساعة 07:52 م
Aden, NewsYemen:

 Discussions held by Yemenis on Facebook revealed the extent of the inaction and failure of their country's embassy in equating them with the various Arab communities present in Egypt.

The discussion began with a publication by the prominent journalist, Muhammad al-Khamri, who spoke about the injustice of the Yemenis, and asked who would win for them?

 Al-Khamry, who was in Cairo a few days ago, indicated that an exit and return visa from Egypt costs 250 pounds for a Sudanese, and 705 pounds for a Yemeni, and said that he asked the employee about the reason for this discrepancy?  He replied, "Ask your state."

Al-Khamri talked about what the Prime Minister of Somalia did when he visited Cairo last year, where he came out with a ministerial agreement that includes doubling the scholarships granted to Somalia to reach 400 scholarships annually, while Yemen gets 90 scholarships annually between bachelor’s and higher studies, and they used to trade in them and steal them for their children.

Al-Khamry stressed that the Egyptian side and all the authorities in the world need real state leaders that can influence them and obtain new gains and special exceptions for the people, indicating that the Yemenis are like orphans at the table of meanness, and that their leaders only think about their own conditions and the conditions of their families.

 One of the Yemenis, a pharmacist named Abd al-Karim Fadl Noman, responded to al-Khamiri with an incident that happened to him in the same context. Noman said, “My son is studying at my expense, and the fees are expensive.”  I tried to get a reduction in the value of the tuition fees, just like the Sudanese and Syrian brothers. I was told that the discount or reduction does not include the Yemenis, and our despicable embassy said there is no protocol, so what is the use of them?  They just steal grants and receive fees.”

While others sharply criticized the embassy, accusing its leadership of neglecting the rights and issues of Yemenis, wondering why it exists if it does not provide services to the Yemeni community.